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Function Overview

A brief description of the main system components is given below:

  • [Data types:] Image, integer, double, string, boolean, array, 3D data sets.
  • [Flow control:] Path splitting, feedback, if (else), for  loop.
  • [Utilities:] Rotation, pixel manipulation, resize, URL control, additive noise generators, region of interest, masking operations.
  • [Arithmetic operators:] Add, subtract, multiply, divide, logical operators.
  • [Histogram:] General histogram analysis algorithms, local equalization.
  • [Image Processing:] Look-up tables (LUT), threshold, contrast manipulation.
  • [Neighborhood  based filtering:] Lowpass, median, sharpen, DOLPS, convolution.
  • [Edge detection:] Roberts, Laplacian, Sobel, zero crossing, Canny
  • [Edge features:] Line/arc fitting, edge labelling and linking.
  • [Analysis:] Thinning, binary detection, blob analysis, labelling, shape feature measures, bounding regions, grey scale corner detectors.
  • [K-Means clustering:] K-means (grey scale and color), unsupervised color clustering.
  • [Image transforms:] Hough (line and circle), Medial Axis, DCT, Cooccurrance, Fourier, distance transforms.
  • [Morphology:] Several morphological operators, including erosion, dilation, opening, closing, top-hat, hit-and-miss, watershed.
  • [Colour:] Colour space conversion algorithms, RGB, HSI, XYZ, YIQ, Lab.
  • [3D Data 3D Operators (thinning, Sobel, threshold, labelling), intensity projections, rendering engine (point cloud, wire frame, flat, Gouraud, Phong).
  • [Low Level:] Pixel level operators; get pixel value, set pixel
  • value and basic shape generation.
  • [String:] String operators, object addition, to upper case and to lower case.
  • [Maths:] An extensive range of numerical operators and utilities, including constants and random number generation.
  • [JAI Colour:] Colour algorithms implemented using JAI, operators, processing, filters and edge detectors.

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