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What is NeatVision?

Blocks are selected from the menu system as required, then placed in the workspace. Interconnections are made between blocks following a strict 45 degree snap to grid rule system. When the processing system is set up input images must be specified. There is currently support for 13 input and 11 output graphic file formats.

Initialisation of certain block parameter may be required throughout the system. If they are not set the parameters will assume to their default values. System parameters can be adjusted and the system may be reset and executed again until the desired response is obtained. At any stage blocks may be added or removed from the system, a block can be deleted by clicking on the relevant block in order to highlight it, then pressing the delete key. If the delete key is not available which may be the case with certain keyboards then the d key will perform this same operation.

The best way to appreciate the power of NeatVision is to download and use it!


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