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Registering a license for NeatVision  entitles the licensee to use the program according to specific conditions. NeatVision and its associated materials are copyrighted © 2000-02, by Paul F. Whelan. All rights reserved. 

While every reasonable effort is made to ensure the reliability of this software, NeatVision is supplied for general reference only and should not be relied on without further specific inquiry.

Users are granted a limited license to make a single copy of NeatVision for personal research or educational use. NeatVision may be downloaded, stored on a hard drive or other storage device, with the following restrictions and exceptions:

  • Systematic or multiple-copy reproduction or republication; electronic retransmission to another location; print or electronic duplication of any NeatVision material supplied for a fee or for commercial purposes; or altering or recompiling any contents of NeatVision and its associated materials are not permitted. 
  • This software cannot be sold without written authorization from Paul F. Whelan. You may not decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer or modify this software in any way. 
  • By choosing to view, download, NeatVision and its associated materials, you agree to all the  provisions of the copyright law protecting it and to the terms and conditions established by the copyright holder.
I accept the terms and conditions outlined above.
[Netscape users may experience problems with the SmartUpdate function (i.e. it incorrectly identifies the jar file as corrupt). To overcome this problem hold down the CRTL-SHIFT keys while clicking on "accept". ]

I do not accept the terms and conditions outlined above.


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