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NeatVision Developers Guide

NeatVision was originally designed so that it could be easily extended by building on previously developed algorithms. This feature has been finalised with the release of version 2.x of the NeatVision visual programming environment. The enclosed NeatVision developers guide outlines how to:
  • develop new NeatVision components that can ultimately be reused by other NeatVision developers
  • reuse the core NeatVision components in new user defined components
  • submit your component or library of components to wider NeatVision community.
The guide also contains:
  • Sample programs illustrating component development and integration (Appendix A)
  • A full list of all the NeatVision methods and interfaces  (Appendix B)
The following document assumes a basic level of familiarity with the Java programming language from Sun Microsystems and the NeatVision developers plug-in. Additional details on the design concepts behind NeatVision along with detailed explanations of many of the its algorithms can be found in P.F. Whelan and D. Molloy (2000), Machine Vision Algorithms in Java: Techniques and Implementation, Springer (London), 298 Pages [ISBN 1-85233-218-2] for additional details.

This document relates to the NeatVision components neatvision.jar (version 2.1) and developer.jar (version 2.0) used in conjunction with SUNs J2SDK (version: and JAI (version: 1.1.2.beta).

Download NeatVision Developers Guide (pdf)

This document outlines the steps required to develop a new component and integrate it into the existing NeatVision environment. NeatVision 2.x will contain an enhanced development environment enabling users to access NeatVision library files as function calls. This will enable development of complex macros and new neatvision blocks. Users will also be given to opportunity to submit new blocks to the wider NeatVision community.


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